The dehydrated leaves of the camellia sinensis plant are used as a raw material to make black tea. The leaves are left to dry naturally causing oxidation which gives black tea a richer, deeper flavour. later, it is packed as black tea bags Get best black tea in India at best price.

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  • Girnar Black TB Bombay Chai 25Pcs

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    Strong Kadak Chai 25 Tea Bags Inside The Box
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  • girnar kesari masala tea

    Girnar Kesari Tea Masala 25Pcs

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    Masala Chai Mixture Of Black Tea & Aromatic ...
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  • girnar ginger black tea

    Girnar Ginger Black Tea Bags – 25Pcs

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    Girnar ginger black tea – Adrak Chai Acts as ...
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  • Girnar Black TB Lemon 25Pcs

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    Lemon Flavor Rich in antioxidant and prevents ...
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