benefits of green tea with lemon
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Do you know the benefits of green tea with lemon? One of the best combinations, when we talk about tea, is definitely green tea and lemon. We all know that green tea is one of the best beverages to choose when you think of starting a healthier lifestyle. But what makes it difficult is that people usually don’t like the taste of green tea. Well, they all say that healthy things don’t taste as good, but why compromise when it comes to taste? Isn’t it? Adding a few drops of lemon to your green tea will enhance the flavour of your tea and make it tastier than ever before. So why compromise and drink not-so-tasty tea when you can transform your drink into a tastier retreat? Wait a second do you know that lemon with green tea will also be extremely beneficial for your health? 

Benefits of green tea with lemon 

1. Full of antioxidants

Lemon is a citric acid and green tea is also highly compartmentalised, both these elements are high when it comes to antioxidants. These help in protecting the body from inflammation and regulates oxidation to prevent cell damage. Both these elements also have high intensity and are preferable when you are looking for healthy weight loss. 

2. Shields from Diabetes

Research suggests that green tea helps in improving blood sugar levels, at the same time lemon also has additional properties to lower the risk of diabetes and regulate the sugar levels in the body. Drinking green tea with lemon regularly will help in maintaining the bloodstream and hormonal balance and at the same time cater to sugar regulation in the body. 

3. Helps improve heart health

As we already know how the combination of green tea and lemon benefits and aids in lowering the risk of diabetes. This way this magical drink also results in enhancing heart health as established by many research associations.

4. May enhance brain functionality

Some researchers are working towards a study that states green tea and lemon if consumed regularly help in enhancing the brain functionality and thinking capacities in humans increasing their potential to think and work.  

5. Boosts energy

Green tea has one of the highest levels of caffeine as compared to other teas. Lemon tea has natural properties to attack and intensify nervous function catering to the increasing energy and stimuli of the body. 

6. May aid in the removal of kidney stones

Lemon helps in breaking down the hard mineral deposit/ stone formed in the kidney naturally. This way you will easily get rid of kidney stones and enhance the digestive bodily functionality of the system. 

How to make green tea with lemon

Now that we have listed down the various benefits of green tea with lemon, let’s see how to make green tea with lemon. 

  1. Pour a glass of hot water into a cup and add the green tea bag from the teashop. 
  2. Let the tea infuse its properties into the water and leave it to brew. Once the cup of water starts changing its colour pour in a few drops of freshly cut lemon. 
  3. To enhance the flavour add in a tsp of honey and you are good to go. 
  4. During summer you can also add green tea to a tray and make its ice cubes for consumption to get glowing skin. 


Here you go, your freshly brewed and delicious cup of organic green tea is now ready to be enjoyed! The Teashop takes pride in bringing you the finest selection of tea mixes that not only deliver an amazing taste but also help in making your body healthier and stronger. 

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