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Tea serves as an integral part of our everyday life, making it an essential element of our day-to-day lifestyle. Green tea, as you might have already known, is a magical drink with coherent nutrients that cater to good overall body detoxification and boost immunity. Let cleanly explain each and every point of green tea vs black tea in upcoming below article.

Black tea is the Kickstarter for the day and helps regulate energy throughout the day. A fitness and health advocate would recommend green tea, while a business person would suggest a cup of black tea.

So what exactly is the difference? Which tea is better than the other? We will get answers to all these questions by simply differentiating green tea from black tea. Let’s get started to know about green tea vs black tea.

How is green tea different from black tea? 

Where they are grown: 

Black tea is grown in India and a few regions of China. In India, Black tea is produced in different areas like Golden Yunnan, Darjeeling and Assam. Other Asian countries like Vietnam and Nepal also add to the share of Black tea as critical producers.

China is the hub of different kinds of tea around the world and is also a massive producer of Green tea along with the terrains of Japan. Both these tea types can be grown with tea plants. However, the harvesting and processing of the teas make them different and vulnerable to the reason why they are grown in other regions.  

What is their oxidation process: 

Green tea- heated in order to stop it from oxidation any further by pan frying or steaming. This helps retain the tea colour, and its exuberant health-beneficial nutrients remain intact. Black tea is exposed to maximum oxidation to turn the leaves brown or black, giving it a rich aroma and taste. 

What is the origin of their production:

Camellia sinensis is the tea plant produced, and both black tea and green tea are different variations of this particular plant commodity. Apart from these two essential commodities of tea, green tea and black tea, other different types of tea are local to a region or community. These various commodities depend on the weather of a particular area and its favorability with the produce of the plant.  

How they are brewed to flavouring:

One of the most significant differences between Green and Black tea is their brewing methodology, as they go through 2 utterly different processing techniques. Black tea is brewed in hot boiling water for approximately 3-5 minutes to activate the goodness of nutrients in the tea and energise the amount of caffeine in the substance. 

However, when it comes to green tea, in order to withhold and sustain the nutrient benefits of green tea, it is brewed at lower temperatures for approximately 1-2 minutes. If green tea is brewed in hot water for a longer period of time, it may result in bitterness and loss of nutrients in the beverage.  

The obvious difference: 

One of the most visible and noticeable differences between green and black tea is the colour of the tea and its taste. At the same time, green tea has a refreshing taste, is full of soothing flavour, and is primarily green in colour, as the name suggests. Black tea is evidently black in colour and has a strong bitter taste. It has compounds that will perfectly energize your day and sharpen your thought process.

Green tea lightens the body and soothes the mind, while black tea boosts dopamine energy to get you through the day. 

The level of caffeine:

The caffeine content in green tea is half as compared to black tea. However, the caffeine content in black tea is half as compared to a cup of coffee.

These amounts are only tentative and are subject to change according to the commodity type the teas belong to. As much as we know how technically different these teas are, they also have much in common. At the end of the day, both are produced in the form of leaves.

Therefore they come with excellent health properties like protecting your heart and helping boost body functionality by stimulating brains. This brings us to the end of today’s discussion. The teashop brings you the best Assam tea with soothing aromatic flavours. I hope you got in detail explanation about green tea vs black tea.



1. Who should not drink green tea?

People suffering from heart problems due to high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, kidney or liver problems, and pregnant or breastfeeding women should refrain from drinking green tea. 

2. Which tea burns more fat?

Green tea has antioxidant and metabolic properties that help burn more fat and aid weight loss. 

3. What is the tea trick to lose weight?

Research shows that green tea extract helps weight loss and stimulates the body into practical metabolic functionality. 

4. Is there more caffeine in green tea or black tea?

The caffeine content in green tea is half as compared to black tea. However, the caffeine content in black tea is half as compared to a cup of coffee.

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