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Chai or tea is the best thing in the world. A peaceful retreat and an energizing magical masterpiece, tea is the best way to begin your day but did you know, the tea bags you use everyday are reusable? We know this might be a very amusing question for many of you but guess what, reusing tea bags is a very normal practice among tea lovers. Instead of tossing the used tea bags into the trash or using it for compost, you can actually opt to reuse the same. It is also believed that reusing tea bags restores the strong flavours of tea eliminating the real essence and flavor. But the question is how many times can we use tea bag? However let us first know a few things about  reusing tea bags if you are looking forward to experimenting with the same.


What You Should Know About Reusing Tea Bags:


In case you want to reuse a tea bag, preserve it in a moist environment. The tea bags become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria when they dry out. So it’s best to keep them in a small shot glass filled with water. This will prevent them from becoming a breeding ground of bacteria while being good to go.

It is preferred to keep them in the fridge to reduce the possibility of bacteria growth. The best way to tell if you have bacteria or mould in your tea bag is to smell it. If it stinks, throw it out.

Answering the golden question: how many times can we use a tea bag? One or two tea bags can be reused. It’s gone after that. White and green tea bags uses are better than darker blends

You can save the green tea bag used for your next cup. You can then re-infuse  2 used bags with a new tea bag. The resulting second cup of tea will be only slightly weaker than your usual cup, but it’s ideal for afternoons when you don’t require as much caffeine. Reusing tea bags is best reserved for occasional tea drinkers.


Why should you reuse tea bags:


Were you aware that tea was once used solely for medicinal purposes? It actually took over 3,000 years for it to become a popular beverage. However, if you drink tea every day, you will accumulate a large number of used tea bags. What are we going to do with the leftovers? Throw them out? Don’t do it.

Tea bags are now 100% biodegradable, which has brought them back into the spotlight. Another great thing about tea bags is that they can be reused. We recommend reusing the tea bags just once more, or else the tea will become too weak. With all of these fantastic ideas for reusing your old tea bags, you’ll probably want to save a few for later.

If your old tea bags smell bad when you take them out of the refrigerator, it’s probably best to use them as compost, by sprinkling it on your plants. You could also use tea bags as an eyewash. Simply put the tea bags in the fridge for ten minutes, then place it on your eyes. It gives such a refreshing feeling and can relieve dark circles and puffiness. You could also put some in water and soak your feet. This nourishes your skin and removes odor.

Many of our gourmet teas come in a tea bag variety. These are pyramid shaped which allows the tea leaves to expand in the bag, thus releasing more flavor. To browse through our range of teas available in the pyramid tea bag shape.

Tea bags are beneficial in 100 different ways, The tea shop has the best collection of authentic Darjeeling tea at your doorstep so that you can experience the taste of heaven in a cup of tea. 


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