Is Tea Acidic
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Let us find out the answer to the question “Is tea acidic? ” and if it is then should you stop consuming your favourite drink? Tea, India’s favourite drink is one of the best beverages to sip in your happiness and grief. Tea has been an emotion for the longest time in our country and there has always been a long-fetched debate about whether tea is good for consumption. 

The pH value of tea is one of the most important criteria in determining whether it is beneficial or detrimental to health when debating the topic. There is much confusion surrounding this question – is tea acidic? The answer to this question can be complicated, and it varies depending on the type of tea being consumed. In general, though, teas tend to have a lower pH value than other beverages, making them slightly acidic.

Tea and acidity 

Before we get started configuring tea on the basis of acidic or alkaline, let us understand the terrains of neutral and acidic and their numerical representations. The neutral representation of the number is 7 and the acidic number representation is 4. Most of the well-curated teas are authentically placed to be mildly acidic which is above 3 but a few teas do go below 3 which makes it injurious to health. Therefore, you must choose your teas wisely.

Make sure you choose the best quality hand-picked Assam tea from the teashop which will help you taste the best flavours of tea with zero compromise on health. Do you wanna know more in detail about this specific side of teas? Let’s see how different teas have different ph levels.    

Tea’s average pH level

It is important to remember that tea is an expansive category with a variety of semi-subgenres. Each type of tea is composed of different ingredients which can cause the pH levels to vary, so it is important to be mindful of this when selecting what type of tea you would like to drink. By doing this, you will be able to make wiser choices when picking teas, ultimately leading to a superior drinking experience.


Tea Type  pH Level
Black 4.9-5.5
Green 7-10
Chamomile, Mint, Fennel  6-7
Lemon 3
Rosehip, Blackberry 2-3


Now that you know about the different ph levels of teas, you can make a smart choice in choosing your tea type according to your will. It is also said that acidity further affects the stomach and indulges in indigestion. Therefore it’s always better to choose the best cup of chai. 

Is Tea better than Coffee as a healthier beverage?

When we talk about whether tea is better than coffee? When we talk about the acidic nature of tea then it is lesser compared to coffee. Black tea has approximately 6.3 acidic pHs and coffee comes with at least 5.35 ph levels which makes it comparatively more acidic in nature. Therefore we have observed that tea is preferably a better choice than coffee if you are looking for a healthy beverage replacement. 

Does Tea affect teeth or stomach?

A lot of people often ask if tea damages teeth or the stomach. The reason why this could happen is because tea is mildly acidic so the healthiest tea causes the least damage but you must be very careful about sipping your tea wisely in order to reduce or eliminate the dangers of tea. What you can do is switch from plain tea to milk tea which will help in reducing the acidity and prevent irritation in the stomach. 


With your newfound knowledge about whether the tea is acidic or not and the ph level of different types of tea, now you can confidently purchase all your tea essentials from The Tea Shop and enjoy your cup of tea with peace of mind.


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