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Do you know how tea leaves are refined?  


Tea is an easy-to-make element that is highly collaborative and available. Guess what? The best tea is made by processing it with respect to 12 diverse and detailed steps that cater to making the finest tea. The journey from the tea producers/ gardens to your home is instead a very long and systematic exponential gratification of handpicked authentic tea leaves. Suppose you are a true tea lover who has a keen interest in understanding the entire process of tea making and how it is processed to finally be an epitome of an aromatic, delicious and soulful cup of tea made after that. Let’s discuss how tea leaves is refined to make tea. 

Steps in tea processing: 

A long 12-step process that gives its authenticity is discussed below for your understanding of how exactly tea is made. 

1. Plucking

The tender leaves are handpicked from the lush green tea gardens. Preferably in the combination of 2 leaves and a bud by carefully cleaning the cutting to ensure it doesn’t cause the cutting process to influence the overall quality of leaves. 

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2. Withering

In this process, the leaves are spread outdoors in an open space to dry in the open sun for the excess water content in the leaves and buds to evaporate through oxidation and fermentation. The lush green elements picked from the plants turn dark and begin to soften after evaporation.

The withering process of tea leaves | Avoury. The Tea.

3. Stewing & stirring indoors

The next step after the evaporation occurs the leaves and buds are kept to stir and stew to ensure that no water remains and the troubled water disappears in the atmosphere after the evaporation process.

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4. Waving

The above process is carried forward by transporting the elements to tea into a wave machine to stir the leaves evenly. This helps in creating uniformity and smoothness in the flavour. 

5. Fermenting

Fermenting is a step where the mixture is set to an oxidation process where the water and ingredients are exposed to air to add to the taste and aroma of coffee. 

6. Frying

The mixture in this step is further heated at 330 degrees Celsius, which pertains to destroying enzymes to stop fermentation.  

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7. Rolling

Once the fermentation process is brought to an end, the tea mixture is placed in a rolling machine in order to dry and solidify the combination for hot water dissolution.

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8. Early drying

This process is known as drying, where the initially rolled leaves that are entirely waterless, soft and flexible have pertained to the uniformity and exclusive smoothening of the tea leaves. 

How Is Tea Made - All About the Process – Twinings

9. Rubbing

Rubbing is the process of wrapping the sphere-shaped cloth around the leaves under a methodology where they repeat the spherical shaping and rearrange the elements 70 times to make the leaves firm. This is one of the essential steps of tea processing. 

Tea Processing Steps - Kumy Tea Plantation - lishantea

10. Deblocking

Deblocking is the process where the leaves up after rolling. The leaves are then tossed into a blender in order to make them uniform. This way, you get the loose tea dry powder to make your delicious cup of chai.

Tea Processing Steps - Kumy Tea Plantation - lishantea

11. Drying

Drying is the last step towards making the tea mixture. The tea mixture’s moisture content is less than 4 percent in the leaves, so they are dried at high temperatures to stabilize the taste and aroma. This process is repeated 3-4 times to dry the tea mixture. 

Pu-erh Cake Tea process – teavivre

12. Finished tea product

Once the entire aromatic and flavourful tea mixture is cool to room temperature, the tea leaves are thoroughly articulated before packing.  


The entire process of tea making is tedious and relatively detailed, with acute artistry and flavorful radiations of effective methodologies. I hope you got the information about steps in tea processing. The teashop gets the best handpicked and perfectly processed tea for your taste and preference. 


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