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We know Tea is most consumable drink in India after drinking water . Do you know there is a  tea for anti ageing ,Tea has proven to be more than just aroma and taste.

Many people still need to be made aware of the exuberant benefits of tea and how good tea is for anti ageing . However, all kinds of teas might come with different benefits, but each category has its own charm. As we already know how beneficial green tea is, oh wait for a second, are you fully aware of what the magical green tea has for us? Maybe not.

Today skincare has become a raging phenomenon among people globally. Everybody wants to take care of their skin, rejuvenate and look beautiful. Ladies want to look younger and get wrinkled-free, and plastic surgeons are making this happen for real.

But what about the ones who choose to look naturally beautiful by using the forms of nature and making it a daily routine? Tea is the solution. Let’s find out if it’s true, but first, let us talk about what causes skin ageing. 

What causes ageing:

  • Not using sun protection for your skin may result in premature ageing. 
  • Alcohol causes wrinkles and makes your skin age faster. 
  • Bad eating habits like intake of a lot of sugar or junk will automatically affect your skin. 
  • On average, you must sweat at least once an entire day to regulate body temperature and blood pressure, which is essential for rejuvenating your skin. Most people do not abide by this skincare rule. 
  • We are not following a proper skincare routine with the right products and maintaining a healthy diet. 

These are the causes of ageing, instantly making you feel and look older than necessary. So what is the solution to this problem? We have a magical solution for your ageing skin, the most natural possible way to deal with the issue.

The magic drink is GREEN TEA. Green tea for anti ageing  going hand in hand with their components to help you get young, glowing skin effortlessly.

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The Benefits of Tea for Anti Ageing and Skin Health

Anti-ageing properties and skin health is effortlessly solved with green tea in hand. Green tea has been an exclusive tea with anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties that naturally provide the skin with nutrients that help in skin rejuvenation and rehabilitation.

This way, you can deal with ageing the best way by just sipping the finest ingredients in an inculcated cup of green tea. Here is what green tea for anti ageing  it helps in skin rejuvenation:

  • The powerful antioxidant EGCG – Epigallocatechin Gallate helps with inflammation, aids weight loss, & potentially prevents a few chronic diseases. 
  • Slowing the Aging process with exuberant nutritional value
  • Boosts the production of Collagen 
  • It helps in keeping fine lines & wrinkles away.
  • The abundance of Vitamin C aids in maintaining healthy skin and has antioxidant properties. It also helps in collagen formation in the body. 
  • It also consists of Vitamin B2, which has unique properties of maintaining healthy glowing skin health.
  • To prevent cell breakage, promote skin cell regeneration and act as an antioxidant, there is also Vitamin E present in green tea. 
  • It contains low amounts of caffeine, making it a better and healthier alternative. Polyphenols and antioxidants are comparatively in abundance to aid anti-ageing properties.  

This brings us to a conclusion about the fact that green tea is the best alternative to all those chemical products and plastic surgery that is unhealthy and has direct side effects.

Therefore, green tea is the best combo solution  when you are looking for tea for anti ageing and skin elasticity, tea and skin hydration, tea and wrinkling or tea and anti-ageing. The teashop brings you an abundance of goodness with its finest comprehension of Green tea ready pack for you to sip in health.   


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