Tea Producing States In India
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India is a pioneer of authentic, tasteful & aromatic tea, a world-famous beverage and the largest exporter of tea because of having tea producing states.

Indians are known to start their day with a garam cup of chai, have a midday chai break, take a high evening tea, and end the day with a refreshing zaikedar cup of tea. A nation where people breathe tea needs abundant tea production to cater to people’s authentic cultural and emotional attachment to tea. So where does tea come from, and how is India a chief exporter of tea worldwide? Let’s discuss the different tea-producing states of India that give an abundance of annual export and help the country grow. 

Tea producing states In India:

Let’s discuss each and every tea producing states that are present in India.


Assam is known as India’s tea city for being India’s largest tea producer. Assam, the tea pioneer, has seen maximum growth, i.e. 94%, from 1996 to 2005 as a tea-producing state of India. The government of Assam helps all the emerging small tea-producing estates or growers as they attain increasing employment opportunities in the state, making it beneficial for growth and development. Read about tea industries given by assam governament click here.

assam tea estate

West Bengal – Darjeeling: 

The tea gardens of the beautiful Darjeeling make it a refreshing tea-producing state in India. Darjeeling in 2020 had the highest tea production in the country due to its extraordinarily elaborate and ancient tea culture and estates. Happy Valley Tea Estate, one of the oldest tea gardens established in 1854, is in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal.

Happy Valley Tea Estate

Tamil Nadu – Ooty: 

We all know the beautiful artistic terrains of Ooty and how they serve as a tourist attraction whilst being the pioneer of one of India’s largest tea producers. The rainfall and favourable conditions of the state contribute to the delicious and unique taste of aromatic chai. Tamil Nadu has a demand for tea and coffee, making it even more necessary as a tea producer as the consumers are residents of the state itself.

ooty tea garden


Kerala is known for its certified organic teas, including green and white teas grown with the techniques used by the authentic tea makers of China, making the tea taste precisely like the styles typically found in China, another unique tea-producing state of India.

Kerala tea estate


As much as we know that Karnataka is known for its most significant cashew production in India, it is also one of the largest tea producers in India. Coorg is known for its endless terrains of greenery that infuriates the tourist attraction. What people often miss capturing is the endless beautiful tea gardens that make it the 5th largest tea-producing state of India. 

Karntaka tea garden


Tripura is another tea-producing state in India, and one of the biggest reasons it is a tea producer is due to its favourable climatic conditions. The state receives an annual rainfall of 2100 mm, and its climatic conditions vary from 10-35 degree Celsius and have exceptionally fertile soil. 

tripura tea estate

Arunachal Pradesh: 

Arunachal Pradesh, the district regions bordering Assam, are perfect places for tea production and pioneers of tea production in Arunachal Pradesh. These districts are excellent alongside the climatic and fertile regions in the state that are usually visually soothing and the best tourist attraction.

arunachal pradesh tea estate

Himachal Pradesh: 

Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh has a unique taste, flavour & colour to its tea. It is grown in wetter and high-elevation parts of the state and caters to the tea-producing quality of the state.  

Himachal pradesh tea estate


Sikkim was declared fully organic in 2016. Since then, the state has been a tea-producing state with 100% Temi tea estate organic tea harvested during springtime with a unique aroma and taste. This makes it a tea-producing state of India. 

sikkim tea garden


Nagaland is known for its young leaves and buds harvested to create tea. It is known for its spices inculcated tea and makes itself a tea-producing state of India.

This brings us to the end of today’s discussion on different tea producing states in India. The teashop brings you the most authentic aromatic tea from the terrains of the largest tea-producing state of India.  Wanna know about list of famous tea gardens in India.










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