Tulsi Green Tea Benefits
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Do you know Tulsi Green Tea Benefits and how it can magically serve as a shield for all your bodily issues? Let us tell you how tulsi green tea is the best for your overall bodily health and what it can magically prevent. 

Indian medicine goes a long way in the history of global medicine as we know that a lot of properties and ingredients are specially recognised in our Indian culture as magical ingredients. Tea has been a beverage used for more than just a morning drink. 

Many drinks have embedded magical properties made with the best ingredients to give you power and make your body healthy. One such tea is Tulsi green tea, which serves as a perfect anti-oxidant and detox tea rejuvenated with the authentic flavours, benefits and goodness of tulsi.


1. Stress relief

Tulsi green tea helps with stress relief by helping in maintaining cortisol levels in the body and regulating blood flow. Tulsi also helps in soothing irritated nerves, which in turn help in preventing/reducing stress in our day-to-day life. 

2. Weight loss

Tulsi green tea comes with a lot of anti-oxidant properties that aid in supporting weight loss. This is the reason why people suggest green tea as a valuable element of consumption for people looking to shed a few kilos. Tulsi adds to the benefit by extracting and enhancing the properties of green tea that help cater to the aims of weight loss.  

3. Kidney stones

Kidney stones are created as the aftermath of lousy metabolism, and tulsi green tea helps accelerate the metabolism of the body. It prevents the rise of acids that form kidney stones. This way tulsi green tea helps in aiding to prevent kidney stones. 

4. Digestion

Tulsi has an abundance of pepsin present in its element, which helps in reiterating weak digestion and transforming you into a healthier person. Digestion is one of the essential functions of the body, and Tulsi green tea helps in aiding digestion for its smooth flow and functionality.  

5. Cancer risk

The ancient magical element Tulasi also has plenty of catechins that protect us from the risk of cancer. This way, you prepare and safeguard your body from the toxins that could cause a deadly illness like cancer. 

6. Osteoporosis

Tulsi green tea has the powerful ability to prevent the creation of the cells that are the reason behind the malfunctioning production of bone tissues. This way, Tulsi helps destroy the problem’s root cause and find practical solutions. 

7. Arthritis

Tulsi is the holy element that helps in the degeneration of tissues, the primary problem of arthritis. It is also a critical element that helps in reducing free radicals in the body.

8. Cold & cough

Simply eating tulsi leaves itself is considered beneficial in reducing the intensity of the cold, throat ache and cough. With the goodness of tulsi and green tea, you will observe that cold, cough and sore throat vanish effortlessly. 

9. Dental Health

Tulsi also comes with exuberant anti-microbial properties that help maintain and protect our teeth and gums from bacteria that might result in more significant problems in the near future. In order to maintain a regular formality of protection for your dental health, Tulsi green tea is a perfect solution.   

10. Hair and skin

Tulsi green tea also helps in catering to your problems of itchiness & dry scalp. Your skin will glow and radiate a healthy tone all over once you start taking Tulsi green tea on a regular basis. 


This brings us to the end of discussing the benefits of tulsi green tea to get the best out of your health benefits. The Tea Shop has the best mixes for all your healthy and happy lifestyles. Get your healthy tea essentials as soon as possible. 

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