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Before diving into types of black tea let us know about black tea and its benefits.

Black Tea is the decoction of the leaves hand-picked from the bush named Camellia sinensis, commonly known as tea leaves. The process of making black Tea is very similar to making regular milk tea but comes with its pros and cons. Black Tea is a widely used beverage instead of milk tea as it is said to be a healthier version of Tea.

Black Tea has traces of caffeine, acts as a fantastic stimulant for the body, and contains antioxidant properties. As a matter of fact, the importance of black Tea can be clearly stated by conscious health advocates. So what exactly are the pros of black Tea, and are there any cons of this magical beverage? Let’s get started with the tactics of black Tea. 

Benefits of Black Tea: 

  • Black Tea helps keep the mind and body full of energy and gives a sense of alertness. 
  • It contains high amounts of antioxidants that include polyphenols and catechins that help the body detoxify from all toxins. 
  • Black Tea is said to be likely to treat cancer and has cancer-prevention properties. 
  • This dark beverage also magically helps treat heart health and maintain a more robust, healthier heart. 
  • Black Tea is said to improve health, immunity and metabolism, aiding overall body development. 
  • Black Tea is also said to have digestive properties adhering to and aiding in more muscular gut health. 

Drawbacks of Black Tea: 

  • Black Tea brings anxiety and difficulty sleeping if consumed beyond necessary because of the caffeine content in the drink.
  • With anxiety, black Tea also has the side effect of faster breathing, headache, nausea and vomiting. 


These drawbacks are due to the overconsumption of black Tea. Therefore regular intake of black Tea is preferred and not the overconsumption of 4-5 cups a day. The overconsumption of black tea results in the onset of various illnesses. Now that you know about controlled beverage intake habits, let’s discuss further about the different types of black Tea:

Types of black Tea blends everyone needs to know with the formula:

1. Adrak black tea:

As the name suggests, adrak Black Tea is a flavourful combination of tea leaves with the refreshing as well as medicinal goodness of ginger in the tea pack. The teashop’s adrak Black Tea is one of the delicious flavours of black Tea that undeniably gets the properties and benefits of adrak as well as tea leaves. 

2. Kesar Black Tea:

India is known for its spices. Kesar Black Tea brings you the deadly combination of authentic Assamese Tea with the Aromatic Spices of India engulfed in every sip of flavourful Kesar Black chai. 

3. Lemon Black Tea:

Lemon, an antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient, adds not just to the taste but also to the health of the black Tea with its refreshing properties. Why settle for less when you can get your hands on refreshing flavour as well as the goodness of the ingredients in the Tea? 

4. Bombay Black Chai: 

From the terrains of the struggling roads of Bombay comes the delicious taste of Bombay black chai. The cutting chai meaning the half-cup chai filled with flavours of different spices, brings to you the authentic taste of Bombay under one segment named Bombay Black Chai.   

Does this bring us to the end of a fruitful conversation on what black Tea is? How black Tea is beneficial or not, and the different varieties of Black Tea. The teashop brings to you all these delicious flavours of black Tea at affordable prices and premium quality to make black Tea your go-to beverage of all time. So, these are the types of black tea blends and in different black tea varieties.

Wanna know about how to prepare black tea have a look at this blog.


1. What is black Tea good for?

Black Tea has traces of caffeine and acts as a fantastic stimulant for the body, and contains antioxidant properties.

2. What happens if I drink black Tea every day?

The overconsumption of black tea results in the onset of various illnesses. These drawbacks are due to overeating of black Tea, bringing with it anxiety, difficulty in breathing etc. 

3.Can black Tea reduce belly fat?

A lot of people have claimed that black Tea has magical properties of weight loss and helps in faster reduction of body fat. 

4.What is the healthiest Tea to drink daily? 

Black Tea is the healthiest Tea to drink daily. However, one must always keep in mind that it should be consumed within a stipulated limit. 


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